Facilitation / Consulting

We are a Full-Service Brokerage Agency Representing Buyers and Sellers in Residential and Commercial Real Estate Transactions.

PDS Consulting Group is available to facilitate transactions and consult with you in a agency and non-agency capacity.  We offer our experience, skills, knowledge and business networks as tools to help customers achieve their real estate goals.  We do not offer legal assistance.

Professional Real Estate Facilitation and Consulting services are available at an hourly rate, with a one hour minimum service agreement required.  

Example of the areas our agents may be hire for:

  • Transaction Facilitation
  • Notary Public Service
  • Comparison Market Analysis Reports
  • Real Estate Research
  • Negotiation Assistance
  • Real Estate Management
  • Project Management and more

Brokerage Services

Buyer Representation

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About PDS Real Estate


PDS Real Estate is a full service real estate brokerage agency in the Commonwealth of Massachusetts and New York.  

From first-time homebuyers to seasoned investors we offer our clients a professional level of service.

Our Qualified Real Estate professionals are proactive and take stock in our clients goals.

Currently we are able to offer our services in English and Spanish.

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Our Signature Service

Seller Representation

We offer competitive listing rates and create a marketing plan unique to your residential or commercial property.  A standard marketing plan may include MLS, online, newsprint, direct mail, ect,  Entry only (limited service) listing options are also available for a flat fee. 

A New Breed of Real Estate Professional. SM

Exclusive Buyer Representation

Some of the services available with this service may include:  

  • Provide valuable information resources.
  • Provide list of third party service providers and vendors.
  • Property search.
  • Property tours.
  • Price and term negotiation.
  • Accompany you to important transactional events.
  • Support in Closing.
  • After Sale consultation and support..